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Dec 9, 2009

REFORMAT (a short film by Spyridon Kakouris and Andreas Papoulkas)

This is me and my best friend's (Andreas Papoulkas) short movie. The story is heavily influenced from "1984", (i jokingly call it "1984 in 10 minutes"), but it is infused with our own fears and insecurities about the near future.

Though we were technically challenged we did our best to make this movie as professionally as possible. The music was written from scratch from Andreas and the whole movie, from day 1 to finishing of post-production took 9 full months!

I hope you enjoy and think about it a little bit. Hopefully we can avert a future such as this one!

And here is the video from the First Screening at the "5th Ermoupoli Science Fiction Festival".

It was also screened at an ΑΛΕΦ (Athens Science Fiction Club) gathering, before 1984's "1984".


ksta said...

Φίλε Σπύρο... με εντυπωσιάζεις!

DmJapan said...

Μπράβο! Πολύ καλή η ιδέα και η υλοποίηση! Αναμένω και μελλοντικές δουλειές!