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Dec 14, 2009

ESCAPE - a mini film, by me (Kakouris Spyridon)

This mini film was made during the "Fog Film Festival" (for more info), as part of ATHINORAMA lucky draw.

This mini-film (as with the rest 3) was supervised by the professional movie director Vardis Marinakis and edited by also professional editor Despoina Kontargyrh. I have to say it was nice working with pro's.

Other than that, the film is really simple in its concept. It's all about symbolizing what is going on at the festival, with the film-makers finding their way out of the closed doors of "the system" towards their own movie festival.

And I shouldn't omit thanking my protagonist Christos Alatzidis for acting for me once more AND superb noise musician AS11 for letting me use his music.