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Aug 19, 2007

About Farming in Europe

It should be a well known fact, so i am only making a note here, just as a reminder of sorts: Europe is abandoning farming (at least traditional one) in favor of services. What that means is that the EU is funding the small farmers less and less (i can attest to that as my grandparents own olive oil trees and herd goats), thus discouraging them from practicing farming (unfortunately i have no knowledge what are the regulations about the "big" farmers and breeders and if they also get their funding reduced).

The goal being, in my opinion, for the EU citizens to work in works related to offering various services (financial, bureaucratic, etc), thus making the EU a service offering conglomerate of states. I guess it can't be helped, since third world and US farming is so much cheaper, producing much more, but i can't help but feeling that just cutting off these people from their life work is a bit "too much".

PS: (12/12): I have happened to read more articles about the situation. It appears that the decline of money given to farmers accross Europe is part of an international agreement, part of a WTO treaty. A treaty regarding the decline of money given to Agriculture in EU and US mostly, in the name of reducing their competitiveness against poor countries' farmers... It's a "my life, your death" world in the end...

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