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Feb 6, 2007

Intro to myself

Hello and welcome to this new blog.
First of all I'd like to tell you a few things about myself, mostly because I think it is not ethical that people write stuff on blogs, hiding behind their apparent "anonymous" status.

You can find most stuff in my profile, but works speak louder than words and this is a list of my work on the internet:

I love photography, you can find most of them at Flickr, where you can also see my second favorite hobby: cooking (there is a photo set with what i have cooked).

I have also dipped my toes in amateur movie making, the result being the movie: "Click Here (to enter movie title)", a mix of the Matrix, Lord of the Rings, zombie movies and 70's kung fu films, made possible with friends from the University. It was a great experience if nothing else.

(You can find the links on the left. For the clips, knowledge of Greek is suggested. For the movies and making of required)

I am also into Science Fiction writing (and reading of course). I have written 6 nouvelles so far (5 in Greek, 1 in English), which I will try to upload somewhere. Recently one of them was published in the Greek Sci-fi magazine "Universal Pathways"!

That is all about me for now I guess. Now that everything's in order, I should try to get it on with this blog ;-)