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Dec 25, 2007

My new Blog!!

I have created a new blog, with an entirely new purpose! It is a blog about my travel experiences, where I try to capture the essence of the experience I had in a certain city-location-country. Anyway, it's all about what made an impression on me, along with photos to emphasize. Starting off with Bratislava.

Aug 19, 2007

About Farming in Europe

It should be a well known fact, so i am only making a note here, just as a reminder of sorts: Europe is abandoning farming (at least traditional one) in favor of services. What that means is that the EU is funding the small farmers less and less (i can attest to that as my grandparents own olive oil trees and herd goats), thus discouraging them from practicing farming (unfortunately i have no knowledge what are the regulations about the "big" farmers and breeders and if they also get their funding reduced).

The goal being, in my opinion, for the EU citizens to work in works related to offering various services (financial, bureaucratic, etc), thus making the EU a service offering conglomerate of states. I guess it can't be helped, since third world and US farming is so much cheaper, producing much more, but i can't help but feeling that just cutting off these people from their life work is a bit "too much".

PS: (12/12): I have happened to read more articles about the situation. It appears that the decline of money given to farmers accross Europe is part of an international agreement, part of a WTO treaty. A treaty regarding the decline of money given to Agriculture in EU and US mostly, in the name of reducing their competitiveness against poor countries' farmers... It's a "my life, your death" world in the end...

Apr 19, 2007

On justice, part I

An anonymous ancient Greek "produced" the following proverb:

"Laws are made like spider webs. The little insects get caught but the big insects just break through."

So, apparrently even in older times: Laws do not justice make. Even if they are justful, in some cases they tend to be overlooked, bent, or applied in a way that is convenient to the "powerful" people -whatever kind of "power" they may have-. There might also be laws with exceptions, that can be misinterpreted or even conflicting laws. So, is there no total Justice to be had from laws and if no, why nd how can it be fixed? To answer this question, we must ask ourselves: "What is Justice" and "What are laws"?

I'd say Justice is an ideal state, and mostly subjective too (for example the arguments for and against capital punishment, some people argue that killing is the ultimate justice, others that you cannot become ourselves unjust in order to bring justice) and Laws are the rules by which a group of people manage to live together and are accepted by the majority of the group. So, in order for "laws to bring justice", the group of people -and even more their appointed law makers and law setters- must want exactly that and make laws to this purpose. I'm no sociologist, but i'd say that history shows us that pure Justice is *not* what people usually want in order to live together, even if pure Justice could ever exist.

What people in a group want, in my opinion, is to be able to live their lives "safely and relaxed". That translates easily into the "weaker" casts being fed the bare necessities, both in economy and justice so as not to be discontent and the "stronger" ones getting the lion's share, even in Justice. So, Laws will reflect this tendency, by being exactly that. Of course there is the issue of laws eing just, but the "justice control system" being weak and corrupted, but this is a topic for the second part.

Feb 6, 2007

Intro to myself

Hello and welcome to this new blog.
First of all I'd like to tell you a few things about myself, mostly because I think it is not ethical that people write stuff on blogs, hiding behind their apparent "anonymous" status.

You can find most stuff in my profile, but works speak louder than words and this is a list of my work on the internet:

I love photography, you can find most of them at Flickr, where you can also see my second favorite hobby: cooking (there is a photo set with what i have cooked).

I have also dipped my toes in amateur movie making, the result being the movie: "Click Here (to enter movie title)", a mix of the Matrix, Lord of the Rings, zombie movies and 70's kung fu films, made possible with friends from the University. It was a great experience if nothing else.

(You can find the links on the left. For the clips, knowledge of Greek is suggested. For the movies and making of required)

I am also into Science Fiction writing (and reading of course). I have written 6 nouvelles so far (5 in Greek, 1 in English), which I will try to upload somewhere. Recently one of them was published in the Greek Sci-fi magazine "Universal Pathways"!

That is all about me for now I guess. Now that everything's in order, I should try to get it on with this blog ;-)